I noticed a subtle change in my mood, and how my body felt better, overall. . . .

The everyday struggle: The constant rush. The pressure to get things done. The coworker you want to strangle. The issues with family and friends. The constant bad news in the headlines…
It's not easy to be calm, cool, and collective in a world that seems to have gone mad.

Since the federal government has legalized hemp on December 20th, 2018, more and more people,
who are just like you, have been trying hemp products to improve their life; they want to feel better, both physically and mentally…


Cannabinoids, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, can…

  • Relax the body and mind, promoting a more restful sleep
  • Help reduce occasional anxiety and stress while subtly improving mood; supporting a calm and peaceful disposition
  • Significantly reduce body aches and pains, and relieve tension; promoting a more active lifestyle
  • Assist in maintaining a healthy nervous system, healthy heart and cell integrity
  • Boost energy and alertness, encouraging focus and motivation


Many of our customers include our liquid magnesium to be cool, calm, and collective.

Now they are trying our pure Grade A hemp oil for something totally different to include in their diet.

The best hemp products come from the best hemp plants – and from the folks who bring them to you!

The best hemp products come from the best hemp plants – and from the folks who bring them to you!


When you go shopping for vegetables, you expect them to be fresh, clean, and full of health benefits. Hemp is no different.


The making of our very own hemp oil starts
in the fertile soil on an Oregon farm.
No fungicides, herbicides or insecticides are used when growing hemp. None!



Hemp is harvested roughly 60 days after planting. The seeds are removed from the plant, and then ground into a paste. Then an oil stone is used to press the paste, which forces the oil out.


No chemicals are used during this process.




The end result is pure, Grade A, full spectrum oil. It comes to you in a chemical-free glass bottle.


MCT pure vegetable oil (medium chain triglyceride) has been added to help absorb the hemp oil quicker in the liver. MCT also plays a role in helping to maintain heathy fat and cholesterol levels.



Why Many Natural Healthcare Professionals Recommend Hemp..


Researchers and natural healthcare professionals believe hemp productrs are beneficial to both mind

and body through the effects of the cannabinoid-receptors in the brain.

The nervous system, lungs, kidneys and liver are connected to the CB1 receptors in the brain;

when stimulated, these receptors help promote and maintain healthy neurological functions such as movement, coordination, and pain relief.

The CB2 receptors is connected to the immune system, neuroprotection and the regulation of tissue response. The consumption of cannabinoids can help promote and maintain healthy immunosuppressive properties in the body, by helping reduce muscle aches and by supporting cell health throughout the body.

Positive outcomes are commonly associated with the endocannabinoid system, through the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This may be due to the fact that the body’s production of endocannabinoids is similar to its production of endorphins. This system assists in giving the brain a boost by promoting healthy memory and cognitive function, as well as supporting emotional responses and positively affecting mood.


…I was impressed by how subtle the effects were after taking hemp oil.

I was pleasantly surprised that I never felt that “high feeling.” . . .

 It’s always interesting to hear stories from those who take hemp oil. Many of them expect to feel a

high, dreamy feeling. Instead, they feel a relaxed, calming feeling – without the high.


Results in users may vary. However, an average user of our Premium Hemp Oil will likely experience the



The typical person that starts their day by taking hemp oil may experience a relaxed feeling

take effect in about 30 minutes. Instead of the pulse-racing rush to get out of the door, and get through the bumper to bumper traffic, an easy-going temperament prevails.

As the day continues, the usual dread accompanied with the thought of all that’s needed to be accomplished in the day, a calm and composed outlook can be felt, and an “I got this” attitude takes its place. The pressure and burden of the day can be handled with ease and grace, with more focus placed on the work and tasks at hand. Even as the hours tick by, a positive perspective reigns supreme. Coffee can spill, the printer can run out of ink, the kids can forget their lunches, and the keys are lost, yet the mind-set remains laid-back and carefree. Our users continue to stay focused, motivated and ready for whatever may come their way.

Instead of that crook in the neck from staring at your computer too long, or the horrible back pain and pulled muscles from lifting that heavy box, or from adding that extra ten pounds to the weights, the body feels loose and ready for more.

Usually, the occasional feelings of stress and soreness make it difficult to relax. The everyday pressure, expectations and constant nagging of what’s undone fall to the wayside. Instead of the usual struggle to wind-down, a mentally serene and physically relaxed feeling resides, making it easy to slip into a tranquil state at night.

The following day, users can wake up in the morning refreshed and confident with an upbeat and elated, “it’s going to be a good day” attitude.

Alike the day before, with our product, it can begin and end on a productive, positive and enjoyable note!


Every individual user has different issues that they’d like to address with our Hemp Oil, and results may vary from person to person.

When starting to use our product, users should expect a few-day, or slightly longer, grace period for the body to adjust. Slowly but surely, body aches begin to subside after normal daily activities. Joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments seem to feel better.

This doesn’t surprise us, because hemp has been shown to help support, and maintain a healthy body.


Now it’s your turn to experience quality, Grade A hemp oil.
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Try it for at least 30 days so the oil can have time to work
in your body at its full capacity for giving you better benefits
throughout your whole body.

Then tell us your story. ☺


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