What Is CBD…

…And How It Helps You Feel And Look Better

CBD is so new out on the health field that many of you don’t even know what the CBD abbreviation stands for. But it really isn’t new. In fact, it goes back to the 1940’s, when it was first discovered. It was further researched in the 1960’s, and it was found to have many health benefits.

  • Supports healthy skin.
  • Promotes a healthy heart, veins . . . and brain function.
  • Relieves body aches.
  • Relieves muscle tension.
  • Relieves occasional stress, anxiety and low moods by supporting and maintaining healthy nerve endings.
  • Improves cell integrity throughout the body, especially in the brain and central nervous system.
  • Boosts alertness and energy.

All while creating calm and relaxation.

Unfortunately, the government made it illegal to use CBD.

That is until up to December 20th, 2018, when an $867 billion farm bill was made into law. This bill gave additional financial aid (subsidies) for agriculture research, farmers, ranchers, the USDA, and forest personnel. And – it also included making it legal to buy and use hemp in all 50 states. But this does not include marijuana.

Well, one step at a time.


Short & Sweet Bullet Notes On All You Need To Know About CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, And The Difference Between Them and Marijuana

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CBD is short for “cannabinoids,” which are health-giving compounds in the leaves and stem of the hemp plant.

Now you are probably asking, “What’s a hemp plant?” So let’s start with the cannabis plant itself.


The cannabis plant has been bred by scientists into many species (varieties). Two of the most well-known are hemp and marijuana.

Hemp has been bred specifically to produce fiber used in clothing and other materials, oils, lotions, and as an additive to food. This goes back centuries.
It was discovered in the 1960’s that hemp gives a long range of health benefits.

Hemp contains very low levels of the psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in the leaves and stem. There is no THC in the seeds.

You cannot get high on hemp, and it does not show on drug tests, but its bioactive compounds still has many health benefits like marijuana has. Even in the seeds.

THC is found in marijuana, which gives you that “high.”

Marijuana has been bred specifically for its medical and psychoactive (hallucination) effects. 

The term “hemp oil” means that it is oil that comes from the seeds, not from the leaves and stem. “CBD oil” comes from the leaves and stem.

CBD is short for cannabinoids, which are health-giving compounds in the leaves and stem. They are also in the marijuana plant.

 - The seeds of the hemp plant do not contain CBD, but they still have bioactive compounds and antioxidants that has made a difference in many people’s lives.


“Full-spectrum CBD” is a term for the entire plant when it is processed for a health product  – including the THC compounds. By law, a hemp product can contain up to but no more than 0.3% of THC. Source.


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